Last Updated: 04/01/2016

your equipment

is your equipment working properly, or just about getting by?

your equipment

Sometimes equipment setups work against their owners rather than for them, software conflicts can occur and, unfortunately, each system crash or forced restart seems to make the next issue come sooner. Just like a car, computer hardware and even installed software need maintenance, I doubt anyone would go for a track racing day or an advanced driving lesson in a car which kept stalling or had faulty brakes - but you'd be surprised how many systems I've come across that are sick enough to cause considerable delays during a site visit.

stanmer old spannerIf a computer is crashing often or if a procedure we need to cover, such as a scanning or printing is not working properly, there is, unfortunately, little point in scheduling an on site session until it's fixed.

If you need help with setting up hardware or restoring software I can, of course, advise - and can refer you to reliable support specialists. Same goes for storage, networking and data retrieval systems. There are some very good specialists out there who can give a massive amount of help, so no need to feel as if you are alone in trying to discover the next clue to your survival [yes - we can all feel as if we are trapped inside an episode of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at times].

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