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introduction to colour management

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There's lots of information here, basic to in-depth, which will, I hope, help you to either begin to grasp the "idea" of colour management or to learn a little more. 

I can also supply much of the specialist gear and consumables you might need, but, before spending money, let's discuss what's really needed and come up with best options.

ECI chartI bring a high level of service and understanding to many areas of colour management in digital imaging and print. Installation services cover areas as simple and vital as display calibration and profiling or desktop printer profiling. Many clients appreciate solid advice on and supply of related equipment and software. If your business is Repro. Design or Fine Art Printing I can help with RIP installation and RIP setup. One speciality is Proofer setup for proofing to ISO standards and ISO Proof Certification. I can work with you on Printing Press setup and ISO 12647 press standardisation. I also specialise in training.

If you'd like to be able to preview what you will see in final print or reproduction either on screen or as a printed proof, I am here to help.

client feedback for on-site work:

Dylan Collard logoDylan Collard: "Neil, I have to say your profiles rock!  Started doing tests for my new portfolio and its so easy to print as everything looks exactly like it does on screen!  Seriously impressed and loving it!"   www

Christie's LondonGordon Baird, Christie's: "I can't shower sufficient praise on Neil Barstow for his professional guidance,  diligent involvement,  and support given to the production team.   We would unreservedly recommend his services to anyone wishing,  seriously,  to implement robust colour management practice within their organisation." more here

Photoworks logoAndy Cahill of Photoworks: "I have always been a sceptic of training as I feel that reading and research can do the same job. This was certainly not the case working with Neil, the one to one sessions we have are invaluable. It has given me complete confidence of the past 10 years working digitally as a photographer"  www          

more client feedback here

You can get started with help for free from Neil Barstow, please click here, read the info and use the link to get in touch.  

I hope you enjoy your visit and find the information you need here on my website. Would you like to get in touch or send feedback, please, click here to send an email.

That's Pismo Beach above, one of my own pictures, taken on 6cm roll film on a wide format Wista camera