Last Updated: 09/06/2020


basICColor products


calibration and profiling software, screen sensors, digital camera grey balancing tools

Neil Barstow of has been working with basICColor for over 13 years and, with hundreds of users in the field, is very well equipped to talk you through the advantages and features of their product line. Please click here to contact Neil by email. Please provide contact details and a little info about your needs and Neil Barstow will call you personally to talk over your requirements.

display calibration: new for 2020

verification screen basICColor Display NEW: basICColor display 6 software with a ground up rewrite and a at very reasonable price, the basICColor display software (new for 2020) provides a significant upgrade for those users who feel that they'd like more display accuracy and, thus, better peace of mind.  basICColor display is the right solution for any screen user who would like more flexibility for calibration; the ability to fine tune calibration target values can result in far better print matching than is provided by the often very simplistic and limited software bundled with calibration hardware.


basICColor Discus

BasICColor DISCUS is a highly accurate measurement sensor for Display Calibration. The DISCUS is recognised as the best display screen sensor available. It has wide ranging software support.


digital camera tools

grey balancing

basICColor Greycard

basICColor GrayCard is practically free of "metamerism" (metameric failure).  In brief, this means that the basICColor Grey card looks the same under all viewing conditions: Grey without a cast. Most Greycards do not have this property because of metamerism where they pick up casts under different lightsources.

basICColor CaliCube

basICCalicube combines control elements for greybalance, black and white point in one clever object. Four functions in one calibration device: 1: absolute black, 2: clean highlight values showing just noticeable detail, 3: specular highlight (255,255,255), and 4: properly neutral midtone gray. it takes only 3 eyedropper clicks in an editing application like Adobe Photoshop or you can optimize the image within your RAW converter.

camera profiling software and targets

basICColor Input software is invaluable in the quest to achieve critical colour accuracy from your digital camera or scanner files. Good input profiling software properly analyses the captured camera or scanner target, determines the reproduction characteristics of the device and encapsulates this information into an accurate ICC profile.

ColorChecker SGthe digital colorchecker SG (semi gloss)  is a high quality and very well respected hard copy target developed by Munsell for use in digital photography. The colorchecker SG has an extended colour patch series and includes surrounding uniformity fields to confirm even illumination. The included 140 colour patches were carefully selected as representative colour gamut markers, so that the resulting ICC input profile can produce very high quality images.