Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor catch software

software for all your colour measurement needs

basICColor catch software

eci2002basICColor catch 5 is a universal and extremely flexible tool for the measurement of linearisation, profiling, and quality assurance targets.
Catch is also the basis for a multitude of tools for colour measurement, quality control, e.g for reading the ugra fogra Media Wedge use: basICColor control, for PSO certification: basICColor certify, for statistical analysis of QC jobs: basICColor catch QC, of course catch also reads patches for profiling. Catch 5 can also be used for calibration of printing machines and imagesetters. A large variety of instruments and targets are supported. Because basICColor catch is highly automated, it often only takes one mouse click to start the readings and save the file. You can measure spectral density – even from instruments that do not support densities like the i1Pro2 – dot gain, colorimetric values ​​under user specified light conditions. Storing multi-spectral data with up to 16 spectra, calculating different types of light in the measurement process, densities, dot gain, colorimetric values ​​with different types of light; Measurement data averaging based on the spectral data; Importing external data.


Predefined Templates and Jobs guarantee for the utmost flexibility and automation of measurement tasks. This enables you to perform all functions with just a single mouse click.

various measurement data

basICColor catch allows for saving up to 16 spectra for spectral ICC profiling. Along with L*a*b* you can store densities and dot gain values for linearizing your image setter RIP or digital printer. You can even average multiple measurement data on a spectral basis.

i1Pro2measurement device support

basICColor catch supports a wide range of measurement devices from leading manufacturers.
basICColor : DISCUS, squid3;  Barbieri : SpectroLFP, SpectroPad;  Color Partner : xy table ColorScout A + with different spectrophotometers;  Datacolor : Spyder3 SR;  Gretag : Spectrolino®, SpectroScan; Konica Minolta FD-5, FD-7, FD-9 (also with optional auto feeder), CM-26x0;  Techkon : SpectroDens, SpectroJet;  X-Rite 530, SP6x, i1Display2, i1Pro, i1Pro2, i1iO, i1iO2, i1iSis, i1iSis UV-cut, i1iSis2.
Measurement conditions M0, M1, M2 according to ISO 13655 with suitable instruments, e.g. Konica Minolta FD-7, X-Rite i1Pro2, i1iSis.

more on catch and the supported instruments here

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