Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor DeviL software

DeviL 4, creation and editing of ICC device link profiles

basICColor DeviL software

ICC device link profiles are becoming increasingly popular – with good reason!  In many cases a device link conversion will beat a standard ICC profile to profile conversion in quality, the device link profile also offers additional options like ink saving and improvement of black generation.
It is recognised that ICC device link profiles produce higher precision in colour space transformations, a level of precision otherwise only found in proprietary solutions. Applications which require ICC device link profiles include high-quality proofing and special process printing workflows which exchange data between different printing processes. Device links will maintain the black channel to maintain purity and save ink, while recalculating the color structure.

basICColor DeviL simplifies the job of generating ICC device link profiles, including conversion between CMYK, RGB, and greyscale. The basICColor DeviL software achieves highest quality conversions in RGB to CMYK separations because it uses clever dynamic colour space compression. No other method of separation approaches this optimised result.

create and editIn printed work, black may not be pure black or perhaps pure red is contaminated after a standard ICC profile-to-profile conversion.
If stability in a press-run or ink-savings are important, then there is no alternative to using DeviceLinks! Furthermore, successors to the standards based press profiles ISOcoated_v2 and PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647 will be soon be released (in 2015): Fogra51 and Fogra52. To convert archived data optimally to utilise the new default profiles, use of DeviceLink profiles is vital.

SaveInk Module

The optional SaveInk Module provides ink-saving of the highest quality. Critical colours, such as skin tones, can be excluded and this avoids peppering or greying.



The Profile Inspector enables management of profiles (DeviceLinks and ICC profiles), organise, analyse, compare and adapt DeviceLinks and ICC profiles.



MultiColor ModuleThe optional MultiColor Module allows the creation of MultiColor ICC output profiles (up to 7 channels) for separation and then creating CMYK + N ICC DeviceLink profiles (up to 16 channels.); there is also the possibility to edit the ICC device link profiles using Photoshop.


ICC DeviceLink Profile Refinement

The basICColor DeviL algorithms produce the ideal ICC device links for ink reduction, separation conversion, or for normalising incoming data

ICC DeviceLink Editing

Photoshop is used in the process of fine tuning DeviL device links, with all the familiar tools. So there is no learning curve and the results are predictable.


Clever black generation in DeviL profile creation reduces the cost of more expensive process colour inks. Carefully optimised black generation also makes it easier to run the print job, more stable, maintaining optimized colour accuracy


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