Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor print software

profiling software for all RGB and CMYK printers

basICColor print software

Epson 7900Whether working with inkjet printer, printing press or through a RIP, basICColor print 3 is your profiling solution,  all RGB and CMYK printers.


Easy to use with presets and drag and drop
Batch and multi-target profiling
Creates CMYK, RGB and grey-scale profiles
Creates v2 or v4 ICC profiles
Detects and optionally automates optimum ink limit and best TAC for CMYK
Infinitely adjustable gamut compression
Infinitely adjustable correction for optical brightener
Stores the ICC profiles automatically either in the system folder or in user defined folder
Supports all measurement files (ISO format)
Support for any CMYK profiling target (e.g. ECI2002 or IT8.7/4)
Recalculation of existing ICC profiles with all the basICColor print options 


wide range of RGB profile options

Work with defaults for simple high quality profiling or, for expert users, chose from the extensive special parameters available.

simple - to - expert options for CMYK profile black generation

Perhaps the most critical decision in CMYK profile building, necessary to achieve the highest quality CMYK separations is in the settings chosen for "black generation". With basICColor print it is simple to achieve professional quality results with the intelligent auto mode, or, for expert users, choose from an extensive list of profile preferences and parameters to manage the details.
basICColor print 3 profiling software provides discriminating accuracy for colour professionals. print also optimises ink reduction for improved profitability.

basICColor print sep options

separation parameters

basICColor print 3 supports highly customisable colour separation parameters, with options specific to a diverse range of printing technologies.

custom gamut compression capability

User defined options for optimisation of gamut compression in the perceptual rendering intent, so that images are converted with highest quality results using your profile.

batch processing

Whether deriving several variations of profile builds from a single set of measurement data, or an array of profiles from separate measurements, batch processing with basICColor print 3 automation frees the user to multitask with other work whilst profiles are calculated.

eci arrangedeci randommulti target profiling

Printer profile quality can be further optimised by combining multiple target readings, or various target types, should that be necessary.

profile rebuilding / re-calculation of existing ICC profiles

Do you need to optimise printing but have no access to reliable printed profiling targets or a good measurement instrument? With basICColor print software you can create profiles with the unmatched basICColor gamut mapping, starting with an existing profile, just drag and drop the profile onto basICColor print and set your parameters. print will extract the required data from your existing ICC profile,  giving you access to all the varied capable setting options that make basICColor print so capable.

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