Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor RIP and Print Production Server

proofing RIP software and production server for an automated ICC workflow

basICColor RIP and Print Production Server

epson 7900The proof module of basICColor Print Production Server is the most innovative proofing system available. Because of its extremely good price/performance ratio this software offers everybody the possibility to output their own proofs. basICColor Print Production Server offers flexibility to a high degree combined with outstanding output quality.

The system offers all the features required for producing professional proof prints and also photo prints. Any number of print queues may be set up, containing different parameters such as resolution, paper, proof reference profile, etc. Thus you can output documents for different demands without problems or expenditure of time. 
Files like TIFF, PDF, EPS or JPEG can be added to the queues via drag & drop. Alternatively documents can be printed directly from applications to one of the queues, the handling is simple and uncomplicated.

The software lets you generate your own linearisations – measuring software is included. Using the optional integrated ICC-profiler, profiles may be created for different media. Due to the simple user interface, the optional evaluation of a control wedge directly from the printer queue is no problem. The result can individually be output to a detailed PDF report or sent to a label printer.

For production purposes queues may also be set up for nesting to group images and save on paper. Different nesting criteria may be defined for starting the printing automatically, e.g. a time setting or filled paper length.

The proof module of basICColor Print Production Server supports a multitude of output devices. 

Additional modules are available for raster proof, PDF output, PS printer, TIFF-G4, CtP proof  – please ask!

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