Last Updated: 06/09/2019


solutions for ISO standard proof making


ugra fogra mediawedge v3



The ugra/fogra MediaWedge standard proof control element, above.

I provide a range of solutions for printed proofing including a range of proof paper and software RIPs as well as proof analysis and proof optimisation software and high quality measurement sensors. 

Designer? Photographer? Publisher? In-house prepress? When working with certified proofing, it's simply a matter of get the proof right and the print will be right on a standard press. The big advantage is that this brings the decision making process back from press-side to the prepress or retouching or colour correction area.

Altona Test Suite visual Take an image file, which is perhaps intended to be part of a press ready page. (Right: Altona Test Suite Visual), of course, to have a prediction what's going to happen when this image goes to press; just how will it reproduce? Softproofing (on screen) is useful during colour correction etc. and it can help a lot, but a printed proof is great to have when possible. In a press preparation scenario a poor looking proof begs a question, could we improve reproduction using some simple Photoshop adjustments to the elements at this stage - often the answer to this question is yes. It's FAR better that way than leaving the press operator to attempt to fix issues. Get the proof right and the print will be right - IF the process is set up well. 

gmg logoRather than recommend specific proofing options I'd prefer to talk to you about solutions I work with including gmg, basICColor and colorburst, all very capable and quite different. I feel it's important to discuss your needs and expectations, I think that's better than talking to a salesman?
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Solutions also include basICColor's catch-control, proof control strip measurement and analysis software and basICColor MatchPatch, an ingenious proofer profile optimisation software product.

There's lots more info about proofing here. Also about the prepress process here.