bringing colour management to you

introducing colourmanagement to your workflow

bringing colour management to you

I can help with a complete, partial or with a step-by-step introduction of colour management to your workflow. It is totally fine to take this a step at a time - ideally starting out with a calibrated and profiled monitor screen alongside the right set-up in Photoshop and your other imaging applications. Some training can be a big help as there is often more to finalising optimised screen calibration than the simple plug and play process some manufacturers would like you to buy into.
Of course, I also provide advice on working environment lighting, since the effect of ambient light when judging images on a monitor screen is a very important consideration.

Eizo_CG210optimising the monitor display system

We can perhaps agree that colour management is centred upon the Monitor Display system - our window on the world of digital files.
With the screen calibrated and profiled properly and a good understanding of the settings used and how to keep it that way, the next logical step would be to optimise and profile a printer and, perhaps next, scanners and cameras.

protocols for file import

I can also help with the important subject good protocols for the import of files from your digital camera (or scan provider). "Image Integrity", which is achieved with carful treatment is important above all else and I will help you to understand how to preserve vital image data as far as possible through the workflow. Where possible, carrying images with their beauty and detail completely intact right through to final output, be it press, inkjet or even as a library file on hire to a client. Surprisingly few digital image users understand this properly.

are you working with your clients

It can also be useful to discuss any issues arising in your day to day work and perhaps adapt or correct working procedure to take any issues - or to take clients' needs - into account. It's important to ensure that the way you're working is producing the best results and keeping your clients properly happy.
Does all your hard work in image production make it into print or onto a client site? It may well be useful to consider how to bring your own clients on board with some level of colour managed working, perhaps a simple screen calibration; or an understanding of illumination for proofs, products and the work-room. Maybe it's possible just to move them a little closer to your way of working, perhaps introducing them to the basics of colour management - with the aim of further closing the image integrity circle. Once they "know" it should make your own investment in colour management all the more valuable to them.

keeping you working

Phase 645Plainly, the idea of upsetting current you working procedures whilst in production is impractical, so I can help you implement colour management gradually and with sensitivity.

I can help you fit in with your client's working methods, this can be very useful since some clients are, quite understandably, very resistant to change.

I will also train you - and your staff (or perhaps train you to train them) to keep your working practices and devices in good order. It is not my policy to leave you with heavy books to read and without a full understanding of the workflow. [Click here to see the Training section].


in house image "proofing" and file exchange

In today's blame culture it seems immensely valuable for any digital image exchange to be accompanied by a "proof", maybe even an ISO standard "certified" proof - or at a simpler level, by what some might call a digital validation or guide print - this in order to provide a reliable visual reference point on which all can agree. This will serve to increase the value of an originator's digital file in a client's eyes and also, later, serve a designer or agency well as a reference to correct appearance, in their relationship with a repro. house or printer.

An accurate printed image can also serve on both sides of the relationship with photographer or designer and photo-lab, or perhaps a specialist printer, since a good achievable accurate reference, when ordering in print runs or over-size display and exhibition prints, could be considered to be vital. 

Plainly, the above advantages also apply to the lab or printer themselves, where client's work is received in a digital form, since they need to be in a position to verify incoming files using good colour management practices.

iSis XL crop

consultancy on equipment choice and installation

I can work with you on installation of systems and upgrades, and provide advice and assistance in choosing digital imaging workstations, cameras, scanners, printers etc. We can supply much of the equipment needed, including Eizo Displays and Epson printers and many quality consumables. Thanks for reading, do get in touch if I can be of any help, even if it's just for a chat.

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