Last Updated: 06/09/2019

colour management health check

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colour management health check

Eizo Coloredge DisplayI recommend a periodical health check visit to ensure that good practices are being followed and calibrations are in order, we'll work out a price on this with you to suit your needs.

As an example, during a visit I often check and, perhaps, recalibrate monitors to ensure optimal performance, maybe also provide a little training on existing or new procedures. Additionally, it can be valuable to check that a printer is working right, to ensure printer profiles still accurately describe the machine and are being used properly. Has print or proof output quality slipped? Unfortunately, it's pretty easy for quality to silently creep and it can be valuable to have an "MOT" to check it out.

It can also be useful to discuss any anomalies arising in your day to day working practices and perhaps adapt or correct working procedure to take any issues - or to take clients' needs into account. It's important to ensure that the way you're working is producing the best results and is keeping your clients properly happy.

Does all your hard work in image production make it into print or onto a client site? It may well be useful to consider how to bring your own clients on board with some level of controlled working, perhaps screen calibration or an understanding of illumination for proofs, products and the work-room. Maybe just to move them a little closer to your way of working, perhaps introducing them to the basics of colour management - with the aim of further closing the image integrity circle. Once they "know" it should make your own investment in colour management all the more valuable to them.

Please get in touch and we'll have a chat.