Last Updated: 30/03/2016

on site survey

assessing colour management working methods, equipment and needs

on site survey

EizosDuring a survey visit, I will work with you assess your equipment and talk over how colour management can work for you, taking into account your own working methods.

During that visit it is also possible to set up and properly calibrate & profile your display system using my own equipment to get you started out and evaluate it's condition.


I will help assess your needs, and, whether you really need new equipment, provide advice as to what you will find most efficient and practical, properly taking into account your own work.
I will also ensure that any workflow recommendations are made with regard to continuous working during changeover. (I also offer advice on working environment and lighting, workstations, monitors, printers, scanners, imaging applications, storage etc.).

A Survey usually takes a about half day. If need be, for more distant clients, a survey can mostly be done by email and phone.

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