Last Updated: 14/03/2019

about me, Neil Barstow

a little about me and my work

about me, Neil Barstow

Neil Barstow's company, colour, helps clients come to terms with imaging technology and thus, capitalise on the real advantages of digital workflow. grew from the consulting work of Apple Solutions Expert and veteran consultant and trainer Neil Barstow, since 2002. Serving an industry need for better colour reproduction has led to a wide range of experience in imaging, from digital capture and scan to certified proofing and offset print as well as Inkjet art.

Neil Barstow image Volvo T5 saloon in gull yellowNeil became interested in colour management when, as one of the UK's leading advertising photographers, he was often frustrated when printed images looked very little like what he had spent hours shooting. Such was his obsession that Neil gave up photography in 2002 and set himself up as a full-time colour management specialist.

Neil has undertaken numerous international speaking engagements including Extreme 08 New Orleans, The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, MacWorld, Apple UK and to UK industry bodies such as BIPP and AOP.

Clients include image libraries, universities, print buyers, art schools, illustrators, magazines, pre-press operations, printers, labs, designers and photographers – scope of operation includes an end - to - end workflow project, (photograph or scan – retouch – proof - make plates - offset print, for prestigious UK auction house Christie's.

Alongside seminars, colour provides complete workflow overhauls, or help with parts of the jigsaw e.g. reviewing workflow practices, calibration and profiling of devices such as display systems, printers, proofers, scanners and cameras.

Driving Neil's work is the integrity of the image, from digital capture or scan, through editing, proofing or softproofing and finally to ink on paper, be it a proof, a press run or an inkjet print. Services include beta testing, supply, implementation and installation of:
Colour Management Solutions, proofing RIPs, Proof certification to ISO standards, icc profiling, fine art printing RIPs, adapting pre-press and press workflow to comply with ISO standards for appearance. Personal or group training and seminars.

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