Last Updated: 14/03/2019

the cost of colour management

a good return on your investment in digital equipment

the cost of colour management

What is the cost of colour management? In many cases it might be more sensible to discuss the cost of not adopting good colour management. Perhaps you are starting out in digital workflow, or maybe hoping to move up a step up in digital quality, both of which can mean a big equipment investment. Whether taking a step onto or moving higher up the ladder in digital imaging, there's potentially lots of money involved for new gear.

Epson 3880 printerIn addition to improving your equipment selection, something I can certainly advise on, have you considered that it might be vital to your business relationships to be able to “prove” the quality your work in order to get a good return on your spend. It's easy to appreciate that delivering files digitally is very different to the old days of film - a time when handing over a transparency literally proved the photographer had done a great job.
When supplying digital files, it's very important to understand that, without a good understanding of colour management, what your client sees on her system may be nothing like what you saw, in this case your intended appearance is unknown to the client. How should you deal with that? I can help.

good colour management practices?

Eizo Coloredge DisplayAre you confident that you have good colour management practices in place, if not I can help you with that.
Unfortunately, it seems that many users who try to fix colour management and workflow themselves can end up in a mess, or even worse - sometimes without knowing it. 
We have all come across those who consider it an admission of defeat to employ outside help - but most surely wouldn't hesitate with a lawyer, or even a heating engineer - and is the quality of images any less important when income depends on it? 
Deciding to call upon someone whose job it is to help out with this specialist area and who has the time to keep up to date on latest developments means you'll have more time to earn money working. And you'll be in a position to know that your work is correctly finished. And to prove it.

providing help

Epson 7900 printer

So, that's the reason we few consultants are around - we spend our time keeping up to speed on developments and save our clients from duplicating the same research individually. Frankly, colour management and image integrity are not awfully complex as technology goes - once you understand the concept (but you do have to properly understand the concept, to really grasp it - which can take a little patience).
Unfortunately there's so much dross to sort through on the Internet, in forums etc. that getting to the good bits can feel like struggling through some very long grass.

eureka moment - lightbulb onIs it best to find out how to capitalise on the advantages of a digital workflow fast? I think so - and that's what I am here for. I have helped many clients do just that. I'm sure I can help you too.

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getting in touch

Why not get in touch? Click here to send me an email and, if you can, please send some info about your work and perhaps any problems you're having in the digital imaging world. It will be good to have a chat. I think that a discussion about needs and requirements as well as working practices is the better way to move forward, far better than simply trawling the Internet and seeking advice from web-shops.

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