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help with implementation; training, the cost


Rather than providing a one size fits all menu of costs, a set menu work has to fit to, I'd like to talk to you about what you hope to achieve and how I might help, thus what's actually needed - that advice is sometimes the most important part of working with a new client. Please click here to email, for details of the way I work and my charges. I'll call you for a chat about how I can help and about costs.

A full day booking also includes two fifteen minute e-mail or phone support sessions free of charge, any time within 12 months.

Click here to see some client feedback on my services please.

Please read on for some ideas on the process:

proofer set-up and profiling 

Epson 4000Proofer set-up is done on-site. It's very difficult to make ultimate CMYK profiles needed by a RIP remotely since the optimisation process involves multiple steps of printing and reading charts and testing options. Proof printing can be done to simulate many different press standards so I can even set you up to simulate an ISO standard CMYK press. I can also provide equipment to allow measured testing of proofs and provide a certificate to accompany each. Click here for more information on proof printing.
Please click to email me and find out more, please write a little about your work, how it's printed and the software and equipment you currently use.

remote printer profiling 

Remote profiles are made here from 2 sets of printed testcharts, I like to rule out printer idiosyncrasies like large differences between prints done one after the other. As such I will report back if the difference is too great to make profiling a profitable experience. If your printer is really inconsistent when measured then your prints will be too, measuring a single set of charts cannot reveal this potential problem. 
With testcharts that are close (they are never absolutely identical), I find that the printer performance is better characterised by reading 2 sets of charts and averaging them. It takes time, of course, but experience in making hundreds of profiles has shown that it gives better results, so I think it's very worthwhile, and I have a lot of very happy customers who would agree. Please click here to read client feedback. I use professional level equipment and software because I don't think a hand held spectrophotometer and amateur software gives the accuracy or provides the options I need to make great profiles. 
My profiles are 95 pounds plus VAT.
I can also offer a maintenance contract (talk to me about that) which provides periodical quality checking and includes printer re-profiling when needed for the life of the contract/unit (with the original paper and ink of course). 
Click this link to see my remote profiling page, the profiling kit download includes very comprehensive instructions. The delivered profiles will include a PDF manual giving a complete guide to their use.

remote scanner profiling

please click here to contact me, for details of my charges. Click here for my scanner profiling section for more details.

Please click to read both "Your Equipment" and "Your Environment" (each opens on a new page), before booking an on site visit (unless it's a survey of course). If you have problems, I can help with good hardware support and advice on working environment requirements. It is pointless to pay me to try work on a crashing system.

telephone and e-mail support

I also offer telephone or email support in units of 15 minutes at 25 pounds per unit (plus VAT). Telephone support usually needs to be booked in advance as I am often on-site with clients. Click here to get in touch about phone or email support.