Last Updated: 29/04/2016

iOne and X-rite

profiling software and hardware from X-Rite

iOne and X-rite

Selecting profile making equipment can be tough to get right, for help advice and information please click here to enquire by email, please provide a little info. about your work and needs and Neil Barstow will call you to talk over your requirements.

iOne pro range

i1 Pro2

A significant step in profile-making is to purchase a decent quality measurement device like the iOne​ Pro2 spectrophotometer, the iOne Pro2 has a range of software options with suites for printer and other profiling.

Pricing, please ask? We price-match the web shops, whilst providing a personal service.

iOne​ Pro2 provides display calibration/profiling as well as providing a great way to get started out making printer profiles with a real spectrophotometer.

I find the iOne Pro2 outfits especially suitable for serious inkjet printer owners who might test lots of paper types and find that, without decent profiles, papers may perform poorly and thus are impossible to assess properly. Or for those who just simply want to get the best they can out of their printing system, proper measurement of equipment performance is where good colour management starts.

The iOne Pro2 can also be used to read light sources and even to collect colour data from objects, photographer clients enthuse about the ability to measure colour from an object, say, a pack or product itself, and then use the actual measured colour value as reference in Photoshop during retouching.

With each iOne purchase I provide a free 15 minute support session (normally £25.00). Please click to email if you're interested in iOne.

iOne display pro

eyeOne Display2

The iOne Display Pro colorimeter replaces the well regarded iOne Monitor and iOne Display devices and adds a software update to provide easy to use calibration and profiling of monitor screens. We price-match the web shops, whilst providing a personal service, want the right advice? click here to get in touch by email and Neil Barstow will call to talk you through the information.

For users who want even better print matching from their display screens - this can be enabled by more options in calibration software, e.g. a larger range of white-points and advanced gamma control, or perhaps the ability to match actual display white-point across a selection of screens - please look at the very capable basICColor Display software

I find that the basICColor Display software is a significant upgrade to the bundled iOne profiling software at a great price. 

x-rite professional range

i1 iSis, i1 iSis XLDo you want to get really serious about profilemaking? I can also help with supply and training on X-Rite's high-end gear e.g. iOne Photo Pro, Profiler and iOne Publish, for scanner, camera, monitor and print profiling, high-end instruments too, like the pictured iSis Spectrophotometer etc. 
More on the iSis2 Automatic Chart Reader A4 and A3, shown right.
Click here to get in touch by email and Neil Barstow will call to talk you through the information.


colorchecker SG

Munsell Colorchecker SGThe Digital ColorChecker® Semi Gloss (SG) is a high quality target especially designed for digital photography. The SG has an extended colour patch series and includes surrounding uniformity fields to confirm even illumination. The included 140 colour patches were carefully selected as representative color gamut markers, so that the resulting ICC input profile can produce very high quality images.

This excellent target is no longer available from X-Rite, but we can still source it for you, click here for more info.