Last Updated: 01/03/2019

basICColor display software

ground breaking screen calibration/profiling

basICColor display software

At a very reasonable price, the basICColor display software provides a significant upgrade for those users who feel that they'd like more display accuracy and, thus, better peace of mind.  display is the right solution for any screen user who would like more flexibility for calibration; the ability to fine tune calibration target values can result in far better print matching than is provided by the often very simplistic software bundled with hardware. 

basICColor display is a software only solution, which means that switching to display generally does not mean buying a new calibration sensor, all the good current sensors are supported as well as some older ones.
The software can, of course, be bundled with basICColors own high end DISCUS sensor.

basICColor display software supports virtually every available screen sensor on the market including the built in Eizo ColorEdge "Swing", click for list, see under "Functions/Colorimeter/Spectrophotometer".

Download a fully functional software version here - the demo is activated for 14 days in a simple online process.

basICColor display software is licenced for use on a single machine, further licences are at a lower price,
please contact us for details of licencing
please try the demo software before buying, licence sales are final


EizoFully automated Hardware Calibration and LUT creation for supported displays, e.g. Eizo, Quato, N.E.C.
Hardware Luminance (Brightness) Control for most Apple monitors.
basICColor display is used by NEC for their SpectraView displays.

With version five, basICColor display has been drastically improved, especially in ease of use and functionality. There are five pre-defined settings which can be accessed with a single click from the start screen. These standard options provide software presets to cover a range of circumstances - and, for critical users, calibration target settings for personalised display optimisation and fine-tuning can be configured in advanced mode and saved as a "custom" setting.
Because of it's features and capabilities, basICColor display is by far the most professional software in its class. Many users report back about the software's ability to provide a "paper like" appearance to the screen, if desired.

basICColor Main Screen

The optional high-end colorimeter basICColor DISCUS offers the precision and stability of a lab-grade instrument for desktop monitor calibration and profiling for the first time ever. More on DISCUS here 

basICColor display validation report

After each calibration basICColor display 5 validates the monitor to test and assess calibrated quality.
This feature also helps avoid calibration errors, perhaps due to sleep mode or screen savers when calibration is unattended.
basICColor Validation

The included basICColor RemindMe provides a reminder for re-validation or re-calibration, display can be started from within RemindMe.

basICColor display software is licenced for use on a single machine, further licences are at a lower price,
please contact us for details on licencing
please try the demo software before buying, licence sales are final

More on Features and compatibility here

on-site experience - sometimes there's a tough nut to crack 

In my own work at the City of Westminster College Centre of Vocational Excellence I was working with quite a mixed bag of screen hardware across the department. As well as their suite of up to date Apple Displays, I helped set up 2 fairly old iMacs, 2 PC's with Windows XP, 3 Older Macs with elderly Apple LCD's and 2 x basic CRT eMacs.  So, quite a mix of screens. With the right calibration targets selected, the various screens were able to be extremely close in appearance, the results were very good and certainly usable.  This capability can save a lot of money, you might find that new display you've been thinking was a necessary expense might not be needed quite so soon.

a note on activation of the software

basICColor display software is licenced for one machine using an activation code for the downloaded software. Please be careful to ensure that it is suitable for your needs by downloading and testing the demo software before buying. Unfortunately refunds cannot be given once the licence has been used to activate the software.

Please click here to email me for more info.           basICColor display brochure PDF