Last Updated: 06/09/2019

basICColor Input software

camera profiling software, scanner profiling software

basICColor Input software

Hassy SystemIn the quest to achieve critical colour accuracy from your digital camera or scanner files, basICColor Input software is invaluable.
Good input profiling software properly analyzes the captured camera or scanner target thus it determines the reproduction characteristics of the camera or scanner and encapsulates this information into an ICC profile. An accurate ICC profile enables the removal of camera or scanner idiosyncrasies, helping eliminate unnecessary and repetitive colour correction. Professional results can be achieved using this higher quality data, with quicker turn-around times. ICC camera and scanner profiles can both be "tuned" and the workflow semi automated, achieving optimal workflow.

multi-target profiling

ICG Drum Scanner

The unique multi-target profiling feature of basICColor input allows the user to combine several captured target images into one profile. Reproduction of paints, textiles, non-standard media and use of diverse colourants may require this additional characterization. The resulting ICC input profile reduces metameric failure.



batch profiling

Architectural, fashion, industrial photographers and others, may shoot under a wide range of lighting conditions. With basICColor Input, a family of ICC profiles can be produced, based on a single target capture - the resulting varied profiles can accurately compensate for diverse lighting situations and can be created using basICColor Input's lighting options and automated batch processing. Now the photographer can select the correct ICC profile for each of various lighting situations.


spot-colour correction

Whether including a logo colour, important corporate identity element, or architectural element which demands absolute matching, the unique qualities of basICColor input will aid in making a customised ICC profile, used to achieve best quality results from the image.

functions of basICColor input software

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