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client feedback

a few words from my clients

client feedback

Marcel Morgan: Toronto PhotographerMarcel_Morgan_Japanese_parasol
Remote assistance and Verification Kit purchase
Thank you Neil,
I must say, your customer service is outstanding. It is not an experience I am used to receiving after I purchase products from other sources.
You are to be commended on your high level of service.
Your help is invaluable to me, a novice where technology is concerned."


Peter Youngs: Photographer www Peter Youngs - Tarn Hows Lake District
Site visit for workflow calibration: set up an Eizo Coloredge 248G 4K screen and profile an Epson R3000 (Ultrachrome K3) for Epson Traditional Photo Paper
Colour management is such an important but often overlooked subject with many complex interfaces. In producing professional quality images it is critical that colour remains true and consistent from image processing to final print.
Your in depth knowledge and experience has been invaluable in ensuring that my workflow process adheres to those core principles. As a result I can have absolute confidence in the consistency in colour.


Judah Passow: Photographer www Judah Passow - Vietnam
Site visit for workflow calibration: set up an Eizo Coloredge screen and profile an Epson Surecolor printer for Hahnemuelhe Fine Art Pearl
You’ve given me a whole new level of understanding about my printing, along with the consequential new questions I now have to ask myself as I consider the images on the screen.
It’s all good stuff - I’ve always prided myself on the quality of my prints, but at the same time I’ve always understood that every print has room for improvement.
Working with you yesterday gave me several new tools with which to confront this challenge."


Nick Oakley Photographer: Quiet MooringsNick Oakley: Landscape & Nature Photographer www 
Calibration and profiling support: Site visit to help with Dell Laptop and Eizo Coloredge CX271 with poor visual match and give training in basICColor display software using, as a basis our verification kit:
Thanks for a really informative morning. You have gone beyond what I would have expected with your background research and I felt we made a huge leap forwards with my screens and setup and cracked some of windows, Dell and Eizo  foibles too. I feel really buoyed by the experience.


Frankie and Friends, Canterbury's Family Photographic StudioRalph Hope, Frankie and friends, Canterbury's Family Photographic Studio www 
Phone support and remote profiling to test / calibrate & profile a Canon inkjet printer using, as a basis our verification kit:
I wanted to bring my paper printing in-house but found that the default profiles that came with my printer were a very poor match to my calibrated screen.
I asked Neil for help and I’m glad that I did; I thought I knew quite a bit about colour management, but Neil has taught me a huge amount more about it.  He has also produced a colour profile for my chosen printer and paper combination that has exceeded my wildest expectations in terms of the quality of print I am now able to produce in-house.  The prints I am now producing look better than lab-prints on the same paper that were costing me at many times the price.  Neil is an expert and charges accordingly but I expect to make the money back in short order now that I can produce this kind of print quality.
My in-house prints are my ‘budget’ option no-longer”


Tim Mercer Enoch Powell portraitTim Mercer, Mercer Design www 
Site visit to set up, calibrate & profile Tim's photography & design printing system:
Neil is at the top of his profession and is a delight to work with, vastly knowledgable, passes on many excellent tips and at the end of the day produces what every photographer wants - true colour



Arnhel de Serra The DerbyArnhel de Serra www 
Sales and Telephone support, help with screen calibration:
Just got the colorimeter and been doing a few calibrations.
Very good, definite improvement on the old iOne monitor..
Highlight and shadow detail holds really well by comparison, and the colour seem more accurate, much better separation. Thanks for your recommendations Neil.

Tim Head graphics imageTim Head, Archivist at Pentagram London www 
Site visit to set up, calibrate & profile his personal art, photography & design printing system:
 - with the same excitement as a child on xmas morning (honestly) i did a test print, and i am so so so happy! the colours on the test print were so vivid (peaches and aqua / turquoise) and beautiful i was floored. The blacks deep and thick which is perfect … the colours exceeded expectation and gave me more satisfaction than the digital screen version smile So thank you! 

Dylan Collard logoDylan Collard, photographer www
Site visit to set up display and printing profiles for proofing  jobs:
Neil, I have to say your profiles rock! - its so easy to print as everything looks exactly like it does on screen! Seriously impressed and loving it!

Deirdre Dyson logoDeirdre Dyson Exclusive Carpets and Rugs, textile designer   www
On site work to set up screen and proof printing workflow & supply of equipment and consumables:
Please convey my thanks to Neil. His help and improvements to our system are invaluable.

Photoworks logoAndy Cahill, photographer, Photoworks www
On site work to set up cameras, screen and proof printing workflow & supply of equipment and consumables:
The one to one sessions we have are invaluable. It has given me complete confidence in the past 10 years working digitally as a photographer.

Point Black logoRussell Kirby, Point Black photo retouchers www
On-site work to set up proofing system and remote support. Supply of equipment and consumables:
Neil has been providing us with colour management advice and equipment, from our Display System and it's Calibration to our Printing System, over several years now - 
it has been a fantastic investment, an internationally recognised industry standard proofing system gives us a professional advantage over our competitors. It shows to our clients we are serious about what we do.

Kyriakos Kalorkoti boat imageKyriakos Kalorkoti, photographer www
On-site work on scanning , screens and fine art printing & remote support. Supply of equipment and consumables:
A session with Neil will mean that work from scan to print will be a pleasure instead of a chore. Neil knows his area inside out and just as importantly has the ability to communicate information relevant to the person with whom he is working.
As some wise person once said: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!.

Kieron Monahan logoKieron Monahan, photographer www 
Printer profiling for photography:
You might be interested to know that I showed Bill Atkinson a few of my images printed on Hahnemuehle PhotoRag 308g and he said "well, you certainly got value for money with that profile!"

Bruce Percy logoBruce Percy, photographer www  
Phone and email support. Supply proofing and calibration equipment and consumables:
The subject of colour management is shrouded in a lot of misinformation and most of the retailers don’t really help much either. It seems we have to go through expensive mistakes to find out what works and what doesn’t.  I think that’s where someone like Neil Barstow comes into the picture. 

Practical Colourmanagement, screen calibration e-book: Bruce writes: Neil Barstow of has produced along with Michael Walker, a nice little e-Book about getting accurate colour on screen, and I think it's very much worth a look at even if you think you're already up to speed on calibration and profiling of your monitor. e-book review

Julian Calverley snow imageJulian Calverley, photographer www
On-site and remote support on proofing, art printing, screen calibration. Supply of equipment and consumables:
The printed results are superb.. 
I'm really very happy
Thanks again for all your hard work

Colleen Slater droplets imageColleen Slater, photographer www
On-site printer RIP install and setup for fine art print:
Neil - to my relief, started to explain very technical things in a language that was at my level of understanding. It was immediately clear that this guy really knows his stuff – I was about to be rescued!

David Preutz bubblecar imageDavid Preutz, photographer  www
On-site printer setup and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
Speak to Neil Barstow of (I'm not on commission) and he'll help set the thing up for you as well & make them look even better than "pretty damn fine".


Brett Lesage Ltd. example work

Julien Lesage, Designer, Brett Lesage Ltd. www
Remote support, Supply equipment and consumables:
I'm actually very pleased with what I'm getting from my printer and how well it matches my (calibrated) screen. I actually do a lot of people photography so skintones are important to me.


Amanda D'Arcy flowers image

Amanda D'Arcy, RHS Photographer of the year www
On-site printer and screen profiling and remote support. Supply of equipment and consumables:
Another gold star for Neil from me.  I too bought an Eizo from him and it is a fine creature.
Neil's after sales service is second to none - thanks Neil.


Gordon Harrison, photographer www
Gordon Harrison landscape imageOn-site scan process optimisation and screen profiling and remote support. Supply of equipment and consumables:
I would like to express my thanks for all your help and expertise during the two days you spent calibrating my monitor and scanners. The end result for me was more than just having accurate profiles for my computer equipment. It was an excellent learning experience re colour management

white_boxDouglas Burns, Graphic Designer of Burnt Offerings Graphic Services
Remote support on print and screen profiling:
Neil can save you hours of frustration and a fortune in ink and paper. Trust me, without a decent profile for both the Monitor Display System and the printer/paper, you are wasting a huge amount of potential from your printed images

Chris Craymer photography dalmatians imageAlex Dow at Chris Craymer photography: www
On-site work on print, proofing, screen calibration and remote support. Supply of equipment and consumables:
After a few days of working with the profile you made us I can truly say it is wonderful - very agreeable rendition of what you see on the screen.
In real terms this means I get an extra half hour in bed because I know how the prints are going to look.

Tariq Dajani white horse imageTariq Dajani, photographer www
Remote support on fine art print. Supply equipment, software and consumables:
Neil Barstow has to be regarded by anybody's measure as one of the best people globally to advise on colour management issues.
I'd say he's your man.

Christie‚Äôs London officeGordon Baird, managing director of Christie’s International Media Division   www
On-site and remote support, end to end workflow setup all the way from capture and retouch to press calibration:
Following the introduction of end-to-end process colour management procedures and controls,  our Fine Art Auction Catalogues have never looked better.
I can't shower sufficient praise on Neil Barstow for his professional guidance,  diligent involvement,  and support given to the production team.   We would unreservedly recommend his services to anyone wishing,  seriously,  to implement robust colour management practice within their organisation.
Read an article about my work at Christie's from print media management magazine.

Paul Debois flower imagePaul Debois, photographer www
On-site print and screen profiling and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
I don't think I could work without the profile, doing what i have been doing in the last few weeks. If you got half a dozen scans to make and loads of time, maybe you can work without. But working with one image at a time becomes really tedious.

Christies Amsterdam logoMichiel Stokmans, Associate Director, Photo–studio Manager,  Christie’s, Amsterdam www
On-site camera profiling support:
We are very happy with our new profiles. The images are looking so much better now.

Unity Media Performance BMW magazine mastheadJane Luker, Reprographic Manager Unity Media www
On-site workflow i optimisation, proofer setup and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
The colour management consultancy was brilliant and we're not only getting good colour now but it's better than when we were using external repro.
Click here for the full Print Buyer article.

Michael Wilkinson, photographer
Remote Support:
You are top of my list for colour 
I really do want to be able to talk to my clients with confidence. 
I'll be back grin

Jack Lowe Digital Services logoJack Lowe, photographer and printmaker at Jack Lowe Digital Services www
On-site work on fine art print and proofing and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
Letting you know that the new profile you made looks to be great - a big step forward.

John Chennells, designer
On-site colour management, proofer, workflow optimisation and remote support. Supply equipment:
The prints didn't look that good, so then I stuck it through the RIP using the profile you made for me, and flipping ding dongs, what a difference, they are spot on! They look like what I have on screen and come out crisp and clean. Wow.

Chromix logoSteve Upton, colour management guru, Chromix www
I would recommend that if you want someone in Europe who has a long track record of building profiles you should consider Neil Barstow's service. There are others in Europe building profiles and I don't want to knock them, but not with the track record.
Think of it in terms of hiring a person to do a job. While you can find a really cheap haircut is it the cut you want?

Seb Rogers,  publisher of CRANKED magazineSeb Rogers, photographer www
publisher of CRANKED  www
Remote support on fine print. Supply equipment and consumables:
Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with profiling my printer. The end result is a new web–site with an online shop. I've already made my first print sale, and it's a really nice feeling sending out a print that I'm happy with.

Chromatech digital imaging logoBrian Peart, Chromatech Digital Imaging Oxford www
On-site printer & RIP calibration and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
I have just made the best Pictrography prints I've ever seen! I'm looking at prints that I can't believe came out of my printer. Absolutely fabulous! I'm really pleased with the results I'm now getting from the whole system -
It really is very good - thank you Neil.

Simon Pugh peapod imageSimon Pugh, Photographer www
On-site fine printing setup and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
To be honest I've only just started to knock out some proper prints this week and I must say they look great! I think, for the first time, I feel confident that I can get exactly the print I want from any neg or tranny. And it's all down to you!!

I regard Neil as THE colour management guru in the UK.

Tim Andrew car imageTim Andrew, photographer www
On-site print and screen setup and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
Get Neil Barstow round. It will be the best thing you've ever done to get your computer workflow sorted, and understand the issues in colour management.

Francis Frith book company logoDouglas Burns, designer, Francis Frith book company www
On-site support:
The results are stunning. - - - excellent prints.

Lenny Silver Photographer, Sugarloaf NY

Leonard Silver, NY photographer
On-site fine print and drum scanning setup and remote support:
Neil was able to help me see the light at the end of what was a long dark digital tunnel that I thought I would never get through. He was able to communicate his wealth of knowledge on this subject in a way that even I was able to grasp. I am now producing high-end art prints that are superior to any I have seen by any other service provider or art printer in my area.
Neil is the real deal.

Julia Claxton Fine Artist/Photographer/Printmaker tattooist imageJulia Claxton Fine Artist/Photographer/Printmaker www
On-site print profiling and remote support. Supply equipment and consumables:
Working with Neil is a real pleasure - his commitment to making the theory and practice of colour management an intuitive part of image making is backed with the wealth of experience, skill and knowledge necessary to achieve the best.