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Adobe apps and Windows 11, Nov 2021 issues which would suggest holding off on upgrading
basICColor display 6 brings 64 bit support
new printing project
typography and design for digital printing
work at Goodwood with Charles March
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Adobe apps and Windows 11, Nov 2021: display profile issues which would suggest holding off on upgrading

There is a good discussion here at Adobe Forums
There is apparently a change in W11 which prevents Adobe calling on the display profile using their existing method,
potential upgraders would do well to check the Adobe link below and assess whether a fix has been arrived at.
More here from Adobe

basICColor display 6 pre release

display 6 64 bit support

basICColor display 6 for mac and Windows has undergone a complete rewrite and is now available, incudes 64 bit support for OSX Catalina (and later) users.



For info about upgrading or getting a demo version please contact us.


Venus Over Los Angeles Charles March show

lovely project with the Charles March, The Duke of Richmond  at Goodwood House

A new show at Venus Over Los Angeles
I have built a solid working relationship with the Duke of Richmond, Charles March at Goodwood House, working to optimise the printing system used for his beautiful personal work.
It's a very high end set-up, using ColorEdge display technology from Eizo and printing using Epson 9900 and 11880 with ColorBurst RIP. Viewing of proofs and finished work is carefully controlled using large scale Graphic Technology exhibition standard viewing lighting.

The prints are stunning and have to be seen at full size to be believed.
Feedback has been incredible.



the bookbuilders almanac, typography and design for digital printing

the bookbuilders almanac contentthe bookbuilders almanac cover

This is not a project I've been involved with, but I wanted to spread the work about a very interesting idea from Valerie Brewster at vjscribe, a book about typography and design specifically for digital print on demand services - in the form of a Print On Demand digitally printed book.

So, a book about the book itself. here's a link


Valerie writes: "If you design books bound for print on demand, this book will help you evaluate which typefaces, tints, lines, resolutions, and photo adjustments deliver best results. If you are a managing editor or production manager considering POD as part of your fulfillment program, Bookbuilder’s Almanac provides a way to make informed choices."



Charles March Highwood 2work at Goodwood House with Charles March

Over the last few years I have built a solid relationship with the Duke of Richmond at Goodwood House working to optimise the printing system used for his beautiful personal work as featured here: Nature Translated, Venus Over Manhattan, Bermondsey Project, Moscow Photography Biennale 2014
It's a very high end set-up, we are using Eizo screens, Epson 9900 and 11880 with ColorBurst RIP  and Innova papers plus large scale Graphic Technology exhibition standard viewing lighting to great effect. The prints are genuinely fabulous and have to be seen at full size to be believed.
Feedback has been incredible and sales impressive.



proofing and press news

work in the pressroom and repro department

Neil Barstow has been working on UK projects alongside German Repro and Press expert Florian Sussl a contributor to ECI, fogra and ISO and thus with an immense amount of information at his fingertips. See my press and prepress section for information about this work and ISO standards based workflows.

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 printing pressExtensive work on press and prepress - in optimisation of the plate production process, plate curves and press settings - gives a clear picture of the requirements and advantages of "standardised" working in print. The advantages are enormous, since any necessary visual optimisation can be carried out at proofing stage (given a good ISO standard proofer) rather than at press side. 
Of course, no amount of colourmanagement will replace the skill needed to run a press well, but for the pressman, receiving properly optimised plates made from correct separations (i.e. made to a standard) is a great adjunct to skill. With a properly optimised press and with well made separations used to make good plates, running to numbers now becomes a way to match a proof properly and simply.

Click here for more about Neil's workflow at Christie's the fine art auctioneers

Organisations fograugrabvdmISO and ECI continue to carry out an immense amount of work on press characterisation. To the extent that they can now provide characterisation data and, from this, ECI make good quality icc profiles to cover a variety of press types, these are free to use and can be downloaded at the ECI web-site. Look for “eci offset profiles”, each package contains useful profiles and info on their use / origins. Lots more about prepress and the pressroom here

seminar reports

at Apple UK

Steve Upton presenting at Apple UK

I presented a colourmanagement and imaging seminar with Steve Upton of Chromix USA - colour guru Steve is the inventor of the indispensable profile toolkit CHROMiX ColorThink and ColorThink PRO.
We all had a great day at Apple UK with Steve who was over in the UK from Seattle for a few days. Steve and I spoke about general colourmanagement issues and gave a tutorial on ColorThink PRO software

If you are interested in seminars, you may like to click here to register an interest in future events 
we'll keep you posted. 

extreme, New Orleans, a colormanagementgroup event

Neil Barstow took part in various presentations with Floran Sussl of Zipcon Consulting and Thomas Holm of Pixl, mainly on the subject of print standardisation according to ISO 12647

imaging seminars with Pixl

We had a great feedback from our 2 day colourmanagement and Imaging Seminar at Apple UK , featured alongside Neil Barstow were, among others, Richard West of Apple, Emma Lomax of Epson UK, Thomas Holm of Pixl Aps in Copenhagen and, esteemed author of Photoshop for Photographers, Martin Evening.

GATF, Arizona

Neil Barstow was invited to speak in a seminar entitled Advanced - Better Scanner Profiles and Customer Files at GATF in Arizona - also contributing to a Lab session on camera profiling with Derek Brown and Steve Upton - also a few very interesting panel sessions including one with Apple's own Colorsync guy John Zimmerer. It was a very interesting event with many vendors present providing the opportunity to meet many of the world's top colour guys as well as to address a big audience of mainly press and prepress guys. Yes, Standards Based Printing on press has taken hold in the supremely cost conscious USA too.