Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor control software

professional software for the validation of proof and print quality

basICColor control software

basICColor control 5 is a module of basICColor catch 5 that enables the quality control for any color critical applications - be it the review of Proof Print, the constancy of a digital production system or the quality of a FineArt print. 
Validation of printed proofs to ISO standards is critical in today's market - the accuracy of any contract proof will ideally be validated by reading off an included ugra / fogra Media Wedge CMYK, this wedge has known reference values and tolerances are defined.  basICColor control software allows evaluation, using a range of instruments, of of a range of targets including: ugra / fogra Media Wedge v2 & 3, IFRA Cuboid, even a complete ECI 2002 target CMYK and many others. basICColor control automatically generates a report on screen after measurement, options include saving a PDF report and printing a validation label which can be attached to each proof.
Simply, basICColor control improves your quality control process.




fogra logobasICColor control supports a variety of process control targets, press standards, and measurement devices. The options are already included within the package, you can start immediately with your choice of ugra / fogra Media Wedge, IFRA Cuboid, or ECI 2002 target.


ugra logobasICColor control is a stand-alone solution. Proofs from any source can be evaluated (provided that they include supported target patches). Thus you can check proof prints, whether they were produced in-house, or by a service provider.



certification tool


Users can measure and validate a proof against the fogra standard (or other preferred standard), then produce a report in either PDF or DYMO label format


control brochure PDF    Click here for more on instrument support etc.

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