DISCUS measurement sensor for highly accurate display system calibration


DISCUS lab grade colorimeter

discusFrom German colour masters, basICColor: the DISCUS, a highly accurate measurement sensor for Display Calibration. The DISCUS is widely recognised as the best screen sensor available. 

highest standards

Monitor display system technology has benefited from rapid development and now demands significantly more from a measurement instrument. Latest LCD and LED screens, new Wider Gamut Displays, Video, Cinema, Presentation and Medical Applications - all need a measurement instrument capable of calibration with highest precision. DISCUS has this precision and also guarantees long life stability. Each device is individually calibrated and can be recertified at basICColor. Unlike consumer level apparatus, DISCUS provides peace of mind that the measurements and results are to the highest possible standard.

basICColor DISCUS has been designed specifically for demanding fields of application. The high end DISCUS colorimeter offers the precision and flexibility of a laboratory graded instrument with the compact design and portability of a hand held device.


Available as a standalone instrument without software or bundled with basICColor display
applications which support basICColor DISCUS
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DISCUS black edition

discus casediscus black edition

DISCUS black includes the basICCase – a sturdy transport and storage case also included is a licence for basICColor display software

applications which support basICColor DISCUS,
DISCUS brochure PDF,
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