Last Updated: 13/04/2016

basICColor MatchPatch

ICC profile optimization for proofer profiles

basICColor MatchPatch

basICColor MatchPatch optimises pass quality in standards based proofing by recalculating proofer profiles using measured errors in printed reproduction.


Exact standards are required for proofing and other high quality applications. Falling outside the standard tolerances in a pass/fail system requires corrective action. Outside of some high end RIPs, no method has previously been available for achieving this level of accuracy.
Using MatchPatch software to iterate the accuracy of individual colours within the output gamut, incredible precision can be achieved. MatchPatch achieves this by modifying a proofer output profile to achieve higher accuracy in the reproduction of specific logo or spot colours, or in pass/fail quality control standard using media wedges such as the ugra/fogra MediaWedge shown above.
One historically has had to compromise with matching the range of spot colours, due to limitations in simple colorimetric gamut mapping. Error can be introduced by reading too few color patches during target measurement, standard device error in target measurement, math rounding errors in profile building and viewing light special considerations.
basICColor MatchPatch is a critical element in accurately reproducing target colours both in proof printing as well as in digital output. 

basICColor catch not only exports measurement values to Match Patch but also determines accepted tolerances (this function requires the control module of basICColor catch), so that Match Patch automatically optimises the colours which are found to be deviating from the reference.

Functions of basICColor Match Patch

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