Last Updated: 16/07/2016

colorburst overdrive RIP mac

RIP software for Mac OSX

colorburst overdrive RIP mac

ColorBurst Overdrive splashscreen v5


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my personal opinion

ColorBurst Overdrive RIP is, I feel, a really good product providing for both fine art photo print quality and, as a full Postscript RIP, it can also be used for proofing images before they go to press. ColorBurst is remarkably easy to use [actually simpler than the Epson driver and users report better control over paper usage].

Many RIPS are designed specifically for prepress and design use, this means that they do not need to give very smooth fine detail since they are intended to simulate offset press, which has quite a coarse screen. 
ColorBurst Overdrive has very fine screening and the capability to reproduce extremely fine detail which is lost when using many software RIPs.



Overdrive is a PostScript software RIP that uses new advances in colourmanagement and printing technology to deliver high-end colour, accurate proofing and Pantone matching for any inkjet printer. Support for any paper is immediately available due to the universal nature of Overdrive's colourmanagement.

new features in version 2

Overdrive 2 has been completely rewritten as a 64-bit Cocoa application for Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Overdrive now takes full advantage of the multi-core processors in today's machines, so processing is significantly faster. A new visual interface lets you preview the selected file, and the Job List now contains scalable thumbnails. Proofing accuracy and text quality are improved with version 2. Overdrive Layout is included with every licence of Overdrive.

proven accurate CYMK proofing

USA based users can automatically print the IDEAlliance colour bar with each job for easy proof verification using an X-Rite device.
Internal testing shows Overdrive 2 consistently achieves a Delta E(ab) average of 0.8 or lower from an IT8.7/4 target on Epson and Canon printers, well within industry standards

PANTONE Color Matching

ColorBurst Overdrive includes the full licensed PANTONE Colour Library 
ColorBurst's AutoSpot™ technology greatly improves the accuracy of Pantone colours
All colours are handled automatically during processing

0verdrive Layout included

Overdrive Layout is included as a separate application at no additional cost with all Overdrive licences
Use Overdrive Layout to nest, crop, rotate, or step and repeat images with crop marks, coloured borders, and image annotations
Refit images in a layout based on "better fit" or "fewer cuts"&
Files are processed through Overdrive first for colourmanagement
Overdrive includes a "Render to Layout" queue that can be printed to from any application, or drop files into a hot folder for automated file processing
Overdrive Layout includes a 15-day demo to try with Overdrive

full PostScript and raster file support in Overdrive

EPS, PS, and PDF files
RGB, CMYK, and greyscale 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit support for
TIFF (LZW compression is supported), JPEG, J2K, BMP, PNG
Camera RAW, Photoshop PSD

Black Point Compensation

Adobe black point compensation built-in
Output matches Adobe Photoshop exactly, so Photoshop users get expected results from Overdrive without the hassle of setting Photoshop's colour settings and print dialog for output

input ICC profiles

Overdrive has separate Input ICC Profile settings for RGB, CMYK, and greyscale images
Any ICC input profile can be utilised with one of 4 different rendering intents
An option to use embedded profiles can be turned on or off

output ICC profiles

Overdrive uses RGB output profiles
Overdrive can use any paper manufacturer's RGB ICC profiles
Custom RGB ICC profiles are much faster to make than CMYK profiles used by other RIPs, and can be made using profiling software that typically comes with spectrophotometers
 X-Rite i1Profiler-RGB profiling software available exclusively to Overdrive users at special pricing to build custom RGB profiles with your X-Rite i1Pro, i1Pro2, or i1iSis spectrophotometer

job manager

New visual interface in Overdrive 2 offers includes a Preview and scalable thumbnails in the Job List
Files and folders can be dropped directly into the Job Manager, opened from the File Open menu, placed or saved to the optional Hot Folder, or even dropped on the Overdrive application icon
Jobs can be reordered, deleted, or placed on hold to be processed later

print from applications

Print directly from image-editing and layout applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
Select the Overdrive printer from in the Print dialog to send files directly to Overdrive Job Manager

hot folder

Print to the Overdrive Hot Folder locally or across a network
Automatically scan the Hot Folder at a user-defined interval

multiple licence support

Activate multiple licences within Overdrive to print from multiple Job Queues simultaneously
Each licence publishes its own Bonjour printer and has a separate hot folder
Licences can be deactivated and moved to different computers independently of each other
Run up to four licences on one computer

I do competitive pricing on Overdrive and can assist in set-up and profiling too

demo version

read up more about overdrive here and if you're in doubt, why not give the demo a go


Tariq Dajani

I wasn't sure about getting a RIP for my 3800 several years ago. but I wasn't totally pleased with the results of printing certain files on certain paper with this printer. neil simply suggested that I download the colorburst demo and give it a try. I was sold! 
I produce a lot of my own fine art prints on art rag paper (hahnemuhle or innova) for exhibition and of course print sales. people are always delighted with the quality of the prints. I even get some galleries asking if I can produce some prints for them from time to time, so impressed are they with the results of the 3800 and colorburst rip on the right paper. 
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Colleen Slater, Photographer, writes about ColorBurst RIP software.

I was so impressed by the difference in the appearance of my screen after Neil calibrated it [and by the colour-match on the printer], that I came to the conclusion that spending money on the Colorburst RIP [to drive the printer] and the BasICColor Display calibration software [for the screen] would be well worth it. Neil patiently took me ( and my iMac ) through the various settings I would need to use which saved me a great deal of time reading through instruction manuals.
I can now spend more time being creative rather than on producing countless test prints as I know that the image I see on the screen will match what comes out of my Epson 3800 printer. I no longer have to pay to have custom ICC profiles ( sometimes not good enough ) made for each new paper I use. I can be confident that my prints will be the best they could be and I need to be sure of producing consistently professional quality prints for my customers.

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