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digital capture quality control

quality control for digital imaging - specialist targets and analysis software

digital capture quality control

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Image Engineering's core competence is the measurement, analysis and improvement of digital image quality. Starting with digital photo products, IE's portfolio has continually expanded and today it includes mobile imaging, video, broadcasting, machine vision, surveillance, automotive imaging, medical imaging as well as other areas in which digital imaging plays an important role. IE's uniqueness and strength is being able to provide a complete system from the execution of standardised tests and the development of our own test software tools to the production and worldwide marketing of high quality measuring devices and charts.

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Image Engineering Universal Test TargetUniversal Test Target "UTT"


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Don Williams founded Image Science Associates, LLC in 2006 after a career at Kodak interfacing with the digital image archiving industry. Since founding ISA, his mission has been to educate the industry on the protocols, tools and best practices used to evaluate digital image quality.
His success in evangelising was demonstrated by one industry insider who said, “Our agencies don’t always talk to each other, but everyone talks to Don Williams.” ISA’s involvement with the archiving industry since our inception allows us to ensure conformance and best practices throughout the industry.
ISA specializes in integrating image quality targets and analysis software into a cohesive package.
Customers are represented throughout the industry—from library collection owners and university digital labs and system manufacturers.

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image science associates object level targetImage Science Associates iQ anlyser

Object Level target & iQ analyser software.


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Scot Geffert of Imagingetc. is dedicated to the art of making pictures. 
Photography was not invented in Silicon Valley. Adobe®, Apple®, and camera manufacturers do not always have the best interests of the community in mind when putting forth new solutions. Users worldwide have increasingly turned to open international standards to help define best practices. Scott Geffert has been directly involved with efforts to develop and deploy universal imaging standards.

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imagingetc munsell grayscaleMunsell linear grayscale target from imagingetc