the basics

This basic section is all about how colour management makes sense in your workflow, please click section headers to go to each full page

what is colour management

Ideally, set up right, colour management should be an invisible helper. Like the computerised engine system of a modern car, if you understand its function and appreciate that it's important enough to keep well maintained, that's enough.
Some basic understanding of colour management, as it applies to daily work, can also be very valuable; but you don't need to swallow the entire pill, it's too big to swallow whole anyway.

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about me, Neil Barstow

Neil Barstow's company, colour, helps clients come to terms with imaging technology and, thus, capitalize on the real advantages of digital workflow.
"Colour grew from the consulting work of Apple Solutions Expert and veteran consultant and trainer Neil Barstow, since 1998. Serving an industry need for better colour reproduction has led to a wide range of experience in imaging, from digital capture and scan to certified proofing and offset print as well as Inkjet art."

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colour management, why do I need it?

Pretty much anyone who has ever scanned an image or taken a digital photo, looked at it on a computer screen and then printed it can easily appreciate why we need colour management in digital imaging. Input, display and output devices do not interpret digital colour the same way. Furthermore, monitors, cameras and scanners use RGB colour, where, for the most part, printers use CMYK inks or CMYK+ inks to produce colour.

The range (the gamut) of colours that can be created using red green and blue light is different from the range of colours which can be created when using inks to print on paper.

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free colour management

That's right, no cash needed, you can chat for free to me, Neil Barstow, to discuss any of the subjects I offer training on - or you might like advice on choosing equipment - or maybe you'd like inkjet printer or display setup advice.

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the cost of colour management

Are you getting a good return on investment in equipment?
Investment can be significant. When moving into or developing in digital imaging, there's potentially lots of money involved for new gear.

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colour management problems?

Are you having any problems with image reproduction or with sending out images to clients or for printing? Read up here about some typical issues I've encountered.

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7 steps to colour management heaven

What are the simple steps that can be made towards colour accuracy? 
Equipment choice | Display system optimisation | Software selection | Software settings | Using software tools to technically assess images | Delivery and making prints | Archiving your work.

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